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The IVF Diaries by Amanda Revell Walton

(Cycle One)
By Amanda Revell Walton

One woman’s personal account of the bizarre, funny, and poignant rollercoaster ride of trying for an IVF baby.


Woman’s Editor, The Sun, Sally Brook.

Amanda is an incredibly dignified and quietly determined woman. I would defy anyone not to be moved by her story.

Editor of that’s life!, Sophie Hearsey.

Amanda’s powerful story about her IVF treatment and her husband’s cancer was not only incredibly moving and inspiring, but also at points laugh out loud funny. The ups and downs of Amanda’s IVF journey captivated our readers and generated a fantastic response from women and couples who really related to her honest portrayal of what she was going through…..I think the success of Amanda’s diary was that it wasn’t just a story about IVF and cancer – it was also a very touching love story.

Medical Director of Oxford Fertility Unit, Mr Enda McVeigh.

Amanda’s account of her IVF experience is not only very honest and compelling but extremely helpful and insightful to those going through a similar experience or wanting to understand more about IVF treatment. It was fascinating for me and my staff to read Amanda’s articles of her personal take on what is a very daunting experience, especially as there does not seem to be much written about IVF from this perspective. I believe it is important to deal with the emotional side of infertility / IVF in parallel - and with equal importance - as to the physical side…..On a personal note I also enjoyed Amanda’s often light-hearted approach to IVF and her ability to see comedy in what can often be a stressful time.

About The IVF Diaries

THE IVF DIARIES is a personal account of my hormonally-driven journey along the winding and often obstacle-laden road of IVF treatment.

Interwoven into the fabric of THE IVF DIARIES (Cycle One), which takes the reader through my first round of treatment, is the underlying thread of my husband’s recovery from head and neck cancer.

By opening up my diary I’ve not only tried to give the reader an honest insight into IVF treatment, but I’ve also wanted to show that trying for an IVF baby can be a real rollercoaster ride of extreme and fluctuating emotions with plenty of heartrending, funny and often bizarre moments.

My husband Paul’s illness had initially delayed the IVF, but once he’d recovered from his last major operation we knew time was no longer on our side, and so, just eight months after his original diagnosis, we found ourselves combining trips to the oncology department with visits to the Oxford Fertility Unit, which, ironically, were just a stone’s throw away from each other.

So, our IVF journey had an unwelcome companion whose name began with C, and as a result our walk down the unknown road of assisted fertility was not just about creating life, but also about saving a life too….

If you would like to buy The IVF Diaries (Cycle One), or download a sample, please go to The eBook costs £2.05.